How can a temporary Executive Chef be an asset for you ?

  • Culinary management for a summer/winter seasonal operation.
  • Short term special/sporting events.
  • Restaurant  needing new Chef and wanting time to find the perfect fit.
  • ServSafe® Training with a certified instructor / proctor.
  • Extended travel or vacation.
  • Emergency professional services


We have the experience, maturity, and repertoire to complement any food service operation.  We're professionals, it's what we do.

Customer Service:  Let's Talk

Our services are tailored to your needs and customer service is done the "Old Fashioned Way".  We enjoy human contact so give us a call to explore the possibilities.

There are also short informational forms, if you prefer, for the Client or Chef.

“Paul Green, has been a pleasure to work with. He’s provided us with a superb guest chef for our busy summer season, who is not only a fabulous chef but is also able to help us with training for our staff. I look forward to working with Paul and in the future.” - Tahoe Mountain Club